There’s no place like home

I left Long and Foster a few years ago to transfer to another brokerage.  I made this change based on some of the facts given to me by Realtors of that office, also on the fact that I thought I would be making more money.

As I was leaving Long and Foster after talking with the managers, I must say, they let me go with Love!  I was so touched, I felt like I was leaving family.  I cried all the way out of the door.

Once I was at my new brokerage, I went into the workroom to get some brochures on agency and other buyer related materials, only to find, there was nothing!  Not only, was the material I was accustomed to having not there, neither was the office comraderie I was accustomed to. I could not copy or make calls without a cost, and there was no agent account to keep track of my transactions and expenses. In addition to that, whether or not, I made a commission that month, I still had to pay that brokerage a hefty fee every month.  I felt like a fish out of water.

At that point, I said to myself, now I know where part of my commission to Long and Foster went.  I needed everything Long and Foster had to offer.

One year later, I called the office manager, who graciously let me go, and she graciously welcomed me back with open arms.

It felt like, “There’s no place like home”

JoAnn Alexander