There is an open spot here for you!

I have been here at the Long & Foster Columbia Sales office since February 2009. The first thing I noticed was the much more relaxed, friendly interactive atmosphere and most everyone willing to help and assist each other.  That atmosphere has continued on to this day, and it make one very willing to also participate themselves in doing the same for others here.  Another major factor for me is the way that Long & Foster maintains their real estate forms Library where you can get complete packets for your Buyers and Sellers, or you can search and find just the right form you need for your specific situation. They are always maintained in the most current up-to-date status.  The Branch Manager and Sales Manager here always seem to have the time for your questions or your transaction situation.  At the weekly sales meetings, they keep us updated with what is happen in our real estate world inside of Long & Foster, and in the outside real estate world we work in every day.  They provide us with ongoing in house education to assist us in improving ourselves in what we do. We just happen to also have three super office support staff personnel that give us great guidance and assistance in getting our transactions completed and paid.  Our newly updated facilities, freshly painted and new carpeting make it a pleasant work environment.  There is an open spot here for you!

Jerry Lee