Always There For You

About two years ago Team Orlando, Vince & Tony , realized that we had multiple reasons to switch broker affiliation. We interviewed with several managers, including Suzi Padgett of Long & Foster. Suzi described the advantages of working with Long & Foster, the corporate employee mentality, the in-house client resources, support staff, and the attitude and cooperative nature of the Realtors in the office. Needless to say, she convinced us that her office was the right choice.

Since that time, we can say through experience, that the office is all that she said and much much more! From an office management perspective, Suzi, the promoted current Vice President, and Judi, the Sales Manager, are awesome. They collectively represent years of real estate experience and thorough knowledge of all real estate subjects. They are always there for you, always available and empathetic towards your situation. They genuinely care about you, the person, and your personal success.

The in-house support staff, including Title, Mortgage, and Insurance services, is all very personable and talented individuals that are very responsive and attentive to all your clients’ needs and wants. They always follow through and their individual and collective standings within the Long & Foster Offices, speaks for itself.

The administrative staff, including secretaries and switch board individuals, is first rate. They are always there to assist in all ways with a friendly and productive manner.

Our fellow Realtors are also a constant source of referrals, answers, approaches, advice and encouragement. Everyone from the top down firmly believes in the team concept and that individual and office success is important to all.

There can be no better office to be associated with in the Real Estate field! We enjoy all aspects of our interfaces with the office and considered many of our fellow agents our friends. Suzi and Judy have created and fostered an environment that is both unique and giving… Kudos to them!