1. Mortgage interest rates are still near historic lows.
  2. Prices have moderated.
  3. The selection of homes to choose from is huge.
  4. Historically, the value of your home will increase over time.
  5. There are many tax advantages to owning a home.

When looking to enter the home-buying market in Columbia, MD, there are many details and special cases that are nearly impossible to navigate if you have not dedicated your career to the real estate market. That is exactly why prospective buyers that work with Long & Foster Columbia have such an advantage. For years, Long & Foster Columbia have been dedicated to the study of the Columbia real estate market, and have gained the experience that comes with professionally buying a home.

Looking to find a realtor who can help you through every step of the process of buying a home?

Long & Foster Columbia sets their clients up for success by faithfully staying in their corner and supporting them through each step of the home-buying process. Through extensive marketing materials and infographics (listed below), Long & Foster Columbia has built a support structure for their clients that never leaves you feeling lost, or unsure of the next step. For complete confidence in knowing the entirety of buying a home, from open house to moving in day, contact your Long & Foster Columbia real estate agent and review the materials below.

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Why choose the Columbia, MD area?

Columbia, MD offers a great suburban area feel. Ranked #8 of 228 of the best cities to raise a family in America, Columbia truly is a great place to plant your roots. With plenty of public paths and places for both kids and animals to play, it’d hard to not fall in love with the city after visiting. This caring community is ready to welcome new residents!

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People trust Long & Foster’s hardworking, highly-professional real estate agents to help them buy their first home or sell their existing home and buy a different one as their housing needs change. Call or visit your convenient, neighborhood Long & Foster sales office today, or visit